My time in Santorini was spent exactly how it should be, relaxing by the pool, sailing the sapphire water, exploring winding, cobbled pathways and eating too much Tzatziki.

Santorini was without doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Every photo I took could have been a postcard and as the sun set, each minute that passed was more glorious than the last.

Have a look below to see what I got up to!

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With love,

Kate x


In Stitches


Once every so often, you come across and item of clothing that just feels perfect for you.
For me, this top is one of them.

I absolutely adore the stitched, leafy detailing on the sheer, white fabric and the black contrast collar. I bought this top online from Style Nanda for just $25 and paired it with this black leather skirt that I bought for 10 euros in an opshop in Paris.


Such a simple outfit to create, but one that I would feel great wearing for a night out with friends.

Until next time!
Kate xx


Last weekend on a casual stroll of Oxford street, I walked past the Scanlan Theodore store and experienced one of those virtual lasso moments where the sheer sight of the garments pull you into the shop.

I was so impressed with every piece in the SS14 collection but in particular this white Webbing Halter Dress. The combination of the thick neoprene with the structured mesh in the side panels and skirt makes me weak at the knees, and if it wasn’t already gorgeous enough, the dress is backless. I honestly don’t think there could be any way to improve this garment, and I would go as far to say it is my idea of the perfect white dress.

This item has just made it to the TOP of my wishlist and I will not rest until it is hanging in my already too full closet!

Some of my other favourite pieces can be seen below.

Walking out of the store and away from this dress, I felt like I had left a part of my soul behind. But not to worry, I’ll be back.

With love,
Kate xx