I am one of those people who absolutely NEVER dress weather appropriately. Even when I know that its too chilly to not wear a coat, nine times out of ten I will decide to leave my coat behind. Even when its way too hot for sleeves, you’ll find me tucking a cute jumper into into some shorts. I tend to dress for the mood I am in that day rather than what would keep my body at the ideal temperature. I seem to have this ‘I’ll be fine’ mentality which usually results in me freezing or overheating. I just never learn!

Todays outfit was one that I donned on my weekend trip to Melbourne. Clearly I wasn’t feeling particularly colourful that day, so I left the colour palette quite grey-scale, with the only pop coming from my nails and lipstick.


Jeans: American Apparel
Top: Zeitgeist
Coat: Minty Meets Munt
Boots: Topshop
Sunglasses: Bondi Markets
Lipstick: INOXA in ‘Tangerine’




This was the first time I wore this coat all Winter, and it was actually Spring!
I’m sure I’ll learn my lesson when I move to London though. I’m certain I’ll be needing a lot more than this little grey coat.
Look out for the walking sleeping bag, because that will be me.

Until next time!
Kate xx

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Melbourne City Break

October in Sydney is coming to an end and you know what that means, four months of 30 degree summer days to look forward to!

I personally love the summer and wish it was warm all year round, but this year I wasn’t quite ready to end my love affair with jeans, coats, jackets and layers. I decided it was time for a little city break holiday to revisit and farewell winter, and where better to fly off to than Melbourne!

Melbourne is a busy little city full of cute cafes, boutique shopping and rooftop bars,
all of which happen to be three of my favourite things.

I will share some of my Melbourne adventures with you over the next week.
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With love,
Kate xx


Todays outfit is a simple and casual one. After all, whats more casual than shorts and a T-shirt? I recently ordered these shorts along with 1,0045382 other things (help me) from a Korean store called STYLE NANDA. They come in only one size and were described as oversized. When I pulled them out of the box I did wonder if I could make them work, however with a bit of rolling up and thanks to the belt they come with, I am loving them! I paired these with a simple white T-shirt that I gathered and tied and minimal jewellery.


T-Shirt – Nude Lucy $40
Shorts and belt – Style Nanda $38.20
Shoes – Topshop $68
Sunglasses – Style Nanda $16.40


I also apologise for the lack of posts recently, I am going through a major wardrobe rejuvenation and I’m sure some of you will understand how all consuming that can be! Good news is that many many presents from the postman have arrived, and I have countless garments to share with you!

Until next time,
Kate xx