Todays outfit is a simple and casual one. After all, whats more casual than shorts and a T-shirt? I recently ordered these shorts along with 1,0045382 other things (help me) from a Korean store called STYLE NANDA. They come in only one size and were described as oversized. When I pulled them out of the box I did wonder if I could make them work, however with a bit of rolling up and thanks to the belt they come with, I am loving them! I paired these with a simple white T-shirt that I gathered and tied and minimal jewellery.


T-Shirt – Nude Lucy $40
Shorts and belt – Style Nanda $38.20
Shoes – Topshop $68
Sunglasses – Style Nanda $16.40

Β  Β 

I also apologise for the lack of posts recently, I am going through a major wardrobe rejuvenation and I’m sure some of you will understand how all consuming that can be! Good news is that many many presents from the postman have arrived, and I have countless garments to share with you!

Until next time,
Kate xx


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