On a couple of occasions I have donned these bad boys out and about and I have noticed that just about everyone who sees them will compliment me or ask me about them!
I am of course talking about these gorgeous mirrored nails that I am so in love with. I first saw a photo of this trend while scrolling on Tumblr and ever since then I was on the hunt!
A lot of people ask me if they are a polish, but they are in fact fake. The brand is 1000hour and they can be bought in very selected stores (I have actually only found one) and are usually priced around 10-15 Australian Dollars.
A glue is provided to apply them and although they are strong and do last about a week or so, I would recommend carrying the glue with you in your bag or wallet just in case you were to knock one off because there’s nothing worse then missing a nail! If long nails aren’t really for you, they can even be cut and filed without ruining the mirrored foil.

Beauty tip: The glue will damage your real nails only slightly by making them rough. The glue can be a little bit stubborn which essentially is what you want since you want the nails to last, however a nail buffer and some moisturiser will help to make your nails smooth and healthy again!

You pretty much can’t go wrong with these, I guarantee that once you wear them you will have multiple questions and admirations.
Buy them HERE.

Kate xx


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