For such a long time I have been saying over and over about how one day I would love to move to London and begin my life over there.
It has always been something I knew I would do but never really knew when. A few days ago on a bit of a whim I decided to buy myself a one-way ticket.
I am so excited and only a little bit nervous about finally moving to my dream city!
I have only been once before but the city of London has such an impression on me that I knew it was necessary I come back.

The countdown is on until the big move..
Kate xx


7 thoughts on “London!

  1. An Aussie friend of mine really missed good coffee (don’t know if you are a drinker): Currently burgers and chicken places are trendy so you can find lots of places like that in the centre, e.g. Soho. I have fun at London Cocktail Club when meeting friends for a drink.

    Admittedly my choices are pedestrian and lowbrow/predictable. I don’t eat out that much, but I would recommend getting hold of an issue of Olive magazine (which is quite eating-out focused) and also read lots of TimeOut! I have a huge list of places to try but never get round to doing it.

  2. Are you looking for casual work? If so, temp agencies (for office work but also hospitality) or applying direct to bars/cafes is your best bet (I know some people who had to work unpaid ‘trial shifts’ at restaurants so you may be expected to do this). There’s a lot of casual/fixed term work available at universities/HE, too – you can check which is an aggregator. You can also check the back of the Evening Standard, a daily freesheet handed out around Tube stations…although quite a few of their job adverts are of the dodgy ‘nude acting work’ variety…

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